Work, education, leisure whatever be the case, you experience a feeling of homesickness when away from home. The small things that capture the biggest room in our hearts are those that we miss the most.

No matter how exciting it is to move to a new place, no matter how much of an adventure it is, you will always have things that you miss about home.

Things You Miss About Home When You Move Out

1. Family time

family time

Being far from home you miss being with your family; being scolded for bad habits; love and care showered upon by family members. You miss spending weekends with your family, having meals together, watching movies late at night in the living room.

2. You miss your bed

bedNothing matches the comfort of your own bed when away from home. Your bed is where you strive and where you rule. It is the ultimate object that depicts your command over the things that surround you; it is an icon of comfort. Your bed is that place that has calmed you down after the hustle and bustle of the entire day for many years. There is a designated place for everything and you can reach your stuff even if you are blindfolded.

3. You miss your alone time, your private space

private spaceMost of us either own a room in our house or at least a personal space to refresh and calm down. You always need some “Me-time” to calm your mind after a hectic day, with no one to bother you. The level of comfort and peace attained from that alone time is incomparable.

4. You miss your Mom’s food…every meal!

moms foodHome-cooked food is second to none. We do like to eat at restaurants and takeaways but, even the most exquisite food items cannot be your daily bread, it is not the food we are used to, and the need to have homemade food increases by the day when we are out and, there’s nothing, absolutely nothing which comes even remotely close to the food cooked by your mom. And it is not just food; it’s the whole experience: the smell coming out from the kitchen, the energy of having all the family members together, the way the table is set. The food cooked by your mother is always delicious and packed with love.

5. You miss your pet

petIf you own a pet then staying away from them is one of the most difficult parts of the things you miss while staying away from your home. You miss the gentle touch, its furry body, wagging tail, innocent smile. You miss the innocence and companionship of your pet.

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6. Limitless Resources

While on the move, you have limited resources. Whether at someone’s place or at a restaurant- you are supposed to utilize resources as per their convenience and permission. It is only your home that gives you access to unlimited resources without restrictions. We get what we like and whenever we want, in no way our sense of freedom is curtailed. There is always parental support even if you’re earning. Being far from home, you’re always on a tight budget.

7. You miss your friends

friendsYou majorly miss your friends, the people you chose to be part of your life who are literally your half-self, your closest of friends. While the people you meet outside may become your friends, even best friends but they cannot replace your high-school best friends. Those old friends are sorely missed.

Apart from these, you would certainly miss your private bathroom, washed, ironed, and ready to wear clothing, family gatherings, and holidays. Most importantly you would miss speaking in your mother tongue. We keep traveling to new places; move to different parts of the world but home is where your heart is…..always!


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