College life is all about learning, experiences, fun, freedom and friends. And in the life of a college student privacy is a non-existent phenomenon. But even if it is a hostel room you need to have all the needs and requirements fulfilled in it. Most of us only chat about the challenges of hostel life as if it were only a big burden to carry and nothing else and very few look at the brighter side of it. Actually your student hostel room is your personal heavenly space which should have all the personal feel to it to make the stay enjoyable and worthwhile.And when it is a festive time like diwali or durga puja you want the merry spirits and excitement to show around you in the vibes too and all over your room too.So buckle up to decorate your spirits and your room in festivity and have a great diwali with the help of these room decor ideas and take the plan of room decoration to the next level.

Some of the ways to decorate your non-happening hostel room in diwali decoration style are:-

Fairy Lights

The decorating idea of fairy lights is no longer used for outdoor decorations. A single string of these bright fairy lights can wonderfully do a magical makeover to your hostel room. You can decorate the study area of your room with these beautiful and stunning fairy lights. You can alternately put string lights in mason jars to create a bright corner with a twist. Or you can put a showcase of your picture gallery under these lights and get creative making a ‘shining wordboard’. Then you can make fairy-light bottles from old spare glass bottles by painting them and using decorative paper-cuts around them to decorate them. And then you can put messages in these bottles and use them to decorate window panes or use them for gifting purposes to peers and teachers alike.


A festival of diwali is so incomplete without the vibrant display of the art of rangoli all colorful and decked up to make it the befitting diwali cheering up all. Rangoli is the art of drawing images and figures on the floor with chalk, colorful sawdust and flour grain to welcome and invite Goddess Lakshmi to our homes. Making rangoli is the best way to splurge some colors around and get festive.And instead of buying chemical-based colors for making rangoli you can use some budget-friendly flower petals, flour, turmeric, rice and other ingredients to create organic masterpieces from scratch in a matter of minutes. The common rangoli themes for diwali are holy symbols like mangal kalash, Goddess Laxmi’s footsteps at the entrance door, Om, swastik,lighted Deepak,shree etc.And to enhance this decoration place a lighted diya at the center of the rangoli along with glitters to sparkle it all up.

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Cute Planters

In this diwali we can try to reuse materials like plastic bottles which are considered the worst pollutants to harm the environment. We can use the used plastic bottles as planters. We can start by painting the outside of the planters with vibrant colors and use them to decorate our room.

Have Some Curtain Funs

To make this diwali special we can start by finding creativity even in the most unlikely places like the curtain space.We can start by ditching those depressing, light-shaded curtains and barter them for cheap yet pretty bright ones and do some decoration part on them by adding glitters, sequins, lights etc to bring that feel into the boring and bland room or if you want it the other way you can make a photo gallery of your friends and family and stick it on the wall decorating it with string lights.

Light Up Diyas

You can choose the alternative of lighting diyas instead of candles. Instead of wasting boring electricity you can try to do something more colorful and fun. You can buy various sized diyas, color them bright and arrange them anywhere in beautiful designs and patterns to give the room an authentic and exquisite touch.

Flower It Up

Flowers are always fabulous. They add a special and serene look to your room without doubts. You can make a garland and decorate parts of your room with it. You can mix the garland with the string lights and decorate parts like the front door, window ceilings and fan with it.

Fab it up with Furnishings

You can try new furnishings for the Diwali festival like new bedsheets, pillows, furniture coverings, floor carpets, and more to bring new spirits to the simple and boring regular setup of the hostel room. If you fall short of budget then just wash or mend the old items to make them look new and if the house lacks brightness and the festival has already arrived you can try to get creative by putting up a bright painting, throw in some vibrant cushions or wrap a decorative sari to your curtains and thus you will get a better looking room in no time.

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On this day of diwali idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi are worshipped. You can make a puja setup anywhere in the room and put flower garlands near the feet of the idols along with a puja thali and instead of using a plain thali you can decorate it to give it a ethnic look. And do some puja to get the blessings of the gods.


So if you want to enjoy the diwali festival with a lot of colors, joys, spirits and fun then you must not leave any stone unturned which means you must decorate your hostel room too to give it the diwali feel in plenty. So with the above given room decor ideas and tips you can prep up your room and have a really good diwali just like home away from home. So get buzzing and say yes to a bright, beautiful and blessed diwali.