Living in shared accommodations while studying is a dream for many students. It can be tough for girls and boys to venture into the world of shared accommodation or hostels especially if they are someone who values their space and freedom. Let us understand the pros and cons of living in shared accommodations and hostels.

Pros of Shared Accommodation

pros of shared accommodation

  • Friendships

Making friends as an adult isn’t always easy, especially if you move away from your hometown to attend university. When you stay in a hostel or share your accommodation with another person, you automatically attract new friendships and new connections. While you may have your own circle of friends, this is an opportunity to meet people that are different in nature, character, and background from those that you usually meet and widen your social circle. Shared experiences usually lead the way to some life-long bonding.

  • Better social skills

When you meet people from different walks of life, you slowly tend to develop your skills at adaptability. Additionally, living with others presents many opportunities for learning and growth. You get to meet and live with people from different backgrounds and maybe you could even learn a new language or two from them.

There is a lot to learn from each other’s characters, culture, background, and values. You will end up a better person than you were before you moved in. This will also prepare you for the real world where you will meet all sorts of people from all walks of life.

  • Companionship

As a student who is has just begun to live away from parents, you are bound to deal with your own problems, tackle everything alone. Sharing accommodation, however, allows you to open up to someone, share the day-to-day challenges, vent out after a hard day, and seek support when necessary.

  • Shared living costs 

Living in a hostel or shared accommodation helps split your bills, commuting costs.

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Cons of Shared Accommodation

cons of shared accommodation

  • Not so well-behaved room-mates 

If you get unlucky, you might land into a room with some naughty and mischievous roommates. From stealing your food to playing loud music in the middle of the night, you never know what kind of bad habits your housemates might have.

  • Petty fights over facilities 

Learning to compromise is a part of growing up, but it’s easy to get frustrated in shared accommodation. Consider a situation when your housemate has been in the bathroom for over an hour and you desperately need to use the toilet.

  • Damages to Property

There could be issues amongst inmates when paying for any damage done to the property.

  • Consistent Disagreements

Another challenge with shared housing is dealing with constant disagreements. If you live with people, you can possibly cross each other’s lanes every once in a while. Deciding on which show to watch on TV to what to order for dinner, you could disagree on almost anything. So, if you lack conflict management skills, stay alone.

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Know about Couch & Cheese – The Best Hostel in Pune

couch and cheese homestel

That was all about the advantages and disadvantages of sharing accommodation and hostels. Clearly, there are more benefits in opting for shared accommodations/hostels given the enhancement in one’s social adaptability, companionship, and reduced costs. If you have been looking for shared accommodation in Pune there is no way you may miss out on Couch & Cheese.

Couch & Cheese is a perfect stay place offering the comfort & luxuries of home. Not everyone would settle for match-box-sized rooms and frugal amenities. For those looking at an awesome luxurious student pad in Pune, Couch & Cheese is the place.

C & C homestel is located in the posh locality, Koregaon Park. As exquisite as its name, Couch & Cheese offers you luxury rooms with exotic amenities. This homestel has its doors open for people from all backgrounds and into different pursuits.

The various room categories include the following

So, for students looking at lavish and royal living with a friend you may book a king-size double occupancy room.

All the rooms are fully air-conditioned. The team at C & C takes care of all your needs-housekeeping, laundry, food, security, and even a doctor-on-call facility. Apart from routine services, there are amenities like a swimming pool, fitness center, 5 chill-out zones, a food court, tech-center, 24-hour cafe, indoor games, library, art & entertainment zones, and a conference room. The amenities and facilities offered are fairly priced. These entertainment options at C & C Zones rejuvenate you to no end. Besides, the team here organizes workshops and creative sessions for its inmates regularly.


The benefits of living in shared accommodation are aplenty. And if you get to stay in the best hostel of Pune, Couch & Cheese, it is the icing on the cake. So, pack your bags and get set for an exciting life!