Hostel packing is one of the most exciting things for students going to study away from home. Apart from preparing themselves for tons of excitement and new experiences, youngsters going to a hostel must make sure they equip themselves with all the things they’ll need out there. If you are the lucky one who’s going to a student hostel in Pune, here is a list of hostel essentials you must not forget at any cost

Hostel Packing List

1. Comfortable clothes and footwear

comfortable clothes and footwear

One tends to get carried away while packing clothes and footwear whether it is for travelling or for a hostel stint.  Instead of going overboard with carrying all your favourite clothes and footwear, cut some down in your list.  Most hostels provide housekeeping and laundry services, which you can avail of at reasonable rates. What’s more, you can carry the remaining clothes you left at home to your hostel the next time. You’ll be happy to get into them after a long time, and it’ll feel like a wardrobe makeover. The same goes for your footwear too.

2. Padlock

Any student hostel in Pune or anywhere else for that matter would advise you to maximize safety measures on your part. That’d be in addition to those they offer. A padlock is one of those hostel essentials you can’t neglect. It keeps your belongings safe and saves you the trouble of using keys, which can be quite a hassle. With padlocks, you don’t have to worry about losing your keys nor keep looking for them every time you need something. Just punch in your code at the bar, and you’re good to go.

3. Useful hostel gadgets

Since you’ll not be able to buy everything anytime while staying in a hostel, make sure you carry all the essentials, including important hostel gadgets. A good laptop/ Notebook, smartphone (needless to say), power bank, external hard drive, and phone charger are not just hostel essentials but ‘anywhere’ essentials. In addition, fitness technology products like Fit bit, activity trackers which have become a rage are also important. You may lose track of your fitness regime when overloaded with assignments and studies. Hostel gadgets like these are like a godsend which you must treat like must-have items to maintain health and fitness.

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4. Toiletry kit

toiletry kit

Since you may not be in a position to buy soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.  You suddenly run out of, items like a toiletry kit are essential. Make sure you carry a well-stocked toiletry kit, especially for your first stretch at the hostel. You won’t have to buy them again if your hostel provides these things, but it’s better to be safe than sorry by carrying them along the first time around.

5. First-aid kit and Medicines

first aid kit

Carrying a first-aid kit and some medicines for minor ailments like fever, cough, indigestion, etc. is advisable. Visit your doctor and request an official prescription which you must carry along too.

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6. Eye masks and earplugs

Living in a hostel may not provide the quietude you’re used to at home. Students stay up and have late nights for studies, assignments (and some fun) occasionally. If you want to sleep but cannot due to the commotion around, eye masks and earplugs will come in handy and see you through.

7.  Torch/ flashlight

It’s one of those hostel essentials you can’t do without especially on certain occasions. Keep it handy and carry it along with you when you venture out especially at night.


Your hostel packing list will be incomplete without these essentials even if you’re going to stay in a luxury hostel. If you are all set to study in Pune but haven’t figured out an accommodation facility, check out luxury hostels in Pune which provide the ultimate in comforts and facilities you’ll just love.