We as humans have many likings one of which certainly is to travel. Many of us love to go out, explore, discover, and have a great time via traveling. Some of us love the 5-star experience when traveling while some like the humble yet interesting takeoff. When traveling what actually matters the most is the experience that you gain and how you feel about the entire journey. It’s all about gaining subtle yet real experiences, being in the moment, and trying to have all the fun.

There are many kinds of hostels available for booking starting from economy and standard to premium, luxury accommodation. You have many options to check out while booking hostels. You can go for a mediocre-sized economy room or can book a single-size luxury room depending on the budget you have. But sometimes it’s a potluck trying to find a suitable hostel because of conflicting reviews, getting confused over price and location factors, and not being satisfied completely with the given information.

7 Important Pointers to Check Before Booking the Best Hostels in Pune

1. Word of Mouth Service

word of mouth serviceYou should ask your friends, colleagues, relatives about their opinion of hostels and prime preference of the same. Word of mouth can be a great way to find out about anything you are not sure about and it acts as a service for seekers of the required information. For example, if you have not visited a particular place then you can form a fair idea of it based on the picture painted by your best friend or a person who has been there. It helps you to a great extent to make the right, informed choice.

2. Reviews and Recommendations

reviews and recommendationsWhen you open a particular website you can search for reviews by people. There are reviews that provide most of the information that can come in handy for you to get definite ideas and solve many doubts and queries. But you should try to check all of the reviews and not just the frontliners to gain a complete idea of the subject you want information on.

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3. Location is the Important

location is the importantThe foremost thing when looking out for a hostel is the location factor. You should look at the website sharing the details of the hostel along with the map view. You should have an idea of the location of the hostel you want to book which should match your travel plans. In this way, you will not need to spend more, get fatigued, and will also help to keep the spirit of travel alive in you.

4. Services

You need to surely know about the services and facilities provided by a hostel. Some of the services you must surely check for are:-

  • Basic wifi service
  • Laundry service
  • Foodservice
  • Common room and kitchen facilities
  • 24-hour reception service

Most of the standard hostels have it and if they don’t then you can get into trouble of many kinds ruining your merry mood. So to avoid any unforeseen issue you need to have an updated informatory guide of the services available in the hostels.

5. Terms and Conditions

There are a set of terms and conditions for every hostel which may differ from one another. So you should take note of the terms and conditions like noise policy or time restrictions before confirming a booking. It keeps you on the safer side of things and doesn’t worry you to make last-minute changes or alternate arrangements.

6. Community Engagements and Activities

engagement activities in hostel

An important reason why a person will have a choice of a hostel over a hotel is because of the various activities and interactions that they have to offer. Each hostel has a community with varied activities like fun games, parties to increase the rate of interaction of the guests being a different hostel from others in the line. So if you are not the sweet and quiet type of person or if you just want to enjoy being an adventurous fit you should check out the details of curricular and interactive activities that a hostel provides and decide consequently what kind suits you the best.

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7. Connectivity Issues

It’s very important to know about the connectivity factor of a hostel. If you want to lay low and spend a quiet, sleepy time then you may overlook this factor but if it’s the other way around you should know the advantages and disadvantages of the hostel’s location, know about the best places around it, know whether it is connected to any famous nearby tourist spot and also that what facilities can be availed from the hostel to make your traveling plan workout best.


Choosing a good hostel in Pune from a large lot can be tricky even for the most experienced travel buffs. Couch & Cheese is one such reputed and highly rated hostel which caters to the needs of people providing them every facility and a great time around filled with fun, comfort, and more. So if you want a carefree and super vacation trip you must gather total information about the hostel you want to book and be hostel-wise to see a beautiful golden sunrise in the hostel of your choice. Have a great trip.