Today the life and times during this deadly pandemic called Covid-19 have been affected adversely. Every sphere and aspect of life has been influenced by this unwelcome guest which has destroyed and harmed everyone in the world bringing a complete, drastic change in the normal way of life and living. But then coming back to his senses man has to take necessary precautions and follow ways to still try and bring things back to normal and save what all is left of humanity. For that certain rules and regulations are being followed in homes, societies, institutions, and everywhere else to stop the mess from blowing out of proportions.

These preventive measures have to be taken by the students residing in any hostel during the corona pandemic for the safety and welfare of everyone in the hostel.

Best Guidelines for Hostel Students to Follow During Covid Pandemic

guidelines for hostel students during covid pandemic

1. To maintain social distance, single-seated hostel rooms will be provided to the students.

2. Everyone has to wear a face mask at all times and everywhere during their stay inside the campus. So all should carry an appropriate number of masks with them and violation of it may attract the imposition of a monetary fine by the authorities.

3. Crowding must be avoided at all the entry and exit points of the hostel. The students from the different programs should avoid gathering together at the same time to achieve the aim of social distancing.

4. Loitering and crowding in corridors/lift lobbies are prohibited.

5. The student residents are not allowed to have visitors/relatives without obtaining proper permissions from the present and active committee.

6. The entry of outside students for research activities needs approval from the respective faculty member and also from the Covid care committee of the institute.

7. If anyone has symptoms of fever, cough, or difficulty in breathing then they must report immediately to their respective health officers.

8. There should be no crowding in hostel areas where students live nearby sharing common facilities and utilities.

9. There should be no cultural activities, meetings, etc during this time of the pandemic.

10. The installation and use of the Aarogya Setu app are mandatory for every student.

11. Every hostel inmate is required to stay in their respective rooms and not visit the room of others.

12. A physical distance of at least 6 feet must be maintained as far as possible.

13. One should wash hands frequently with soap for at least 40-60 seconds even when hands are not visibly dirty. The use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers for at least 20 seconds can be done anytime felt feasible by hostel inmates.

14. Some respiratory etiquettes have to be strictly followed. It involves a strict practice of covering one’s mouth and nose while sneezing/coughing with a tissue/handkerchief/flexed elbow and disposing of the used tissues properly.

15. There should be self-monitoring of health by all hostel inmates and any ill health should be reported at the earliest.

16. A proper sanity setup should be maintained in the washroom of the rooms.

17. Spitting is not allowed at all and doing so inside the hostel premise is a punishable offense.

18. The density of crowds in dining halls, common rooms, play areas, and libraries should be limited keeping in mind the requirement of physical distance.

19. The hygiene conditions should be monitored regularly in kitchens, dining halls, bathrooms, and toilets.

20. The resident students should not leave campus for any reason even for a small market visit.

21. The sharing of anything including books, learning materials, and eatables is not allowed.

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Useful Tips to follow to Maintain Health and Physical Fitness

These are some of the tips that can be of help for hostel students to follow to stay healthy and make the most of their quarantine time.

1. Maintain Hygiene

maintain hygiene

Even if one is at home and doing things from there only, one needs to take note of the kind of hygiene practices that have been advised by health professionals. Like one should wash their hands carefully trying not to touch their face too often. One should make sure to clean all frequently touched places like door handles and other surfaces with soap and water or any effective household cleaner.

2. Pump up the Mood and Routine

One should try to get their heart rates up by avoiding sitting at one place for long in the same position. If you have access to stairs at a hostel, doing some up-down thing on the stairs without touching the side railing is a great way to get your blood pumping and heart rate balanced and normal.

3. Take the Morning Walk Routine

take the morning walk routine

It’s a good idea to go for a morning walk and follow some outdoor exercise regime. Other such options include gardening and outdoor sports like badminton, table tennis, basketball, etc. Working out leads to good health and enhanced enthusiasm which will lead to steady and sturdy immune systems also. Exercise is a natural mood booster and helps to provide sound sleep. Being in fresh air and sunlight benefits mental health too.

4. Be Yoga Savvy

be yoga savvy

One should lean towards practicing other relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation too.

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Some other Miscellaneous Tips to be followed by Hostel Students:-

1. One should eat healthy foods to boost and maintain immunity which should consist of a balanced diet having all the nutrients in them.

2. One should avoid the consumption of alcohol to avoid further complications like depression etc.

3. One should limit the intake of sugary drinks.

4. One should avoid smoking because it aggravates respiratory issues.

5. One should try to detox one’s mind and not let it go down in gloom by thinking about covid or anything sad and discomforting.

6. One should maintain the proper air circulation in the room.

7. One should try to restrict the visit to health centers for minor problems and take telephonic help for the same.


These times of the pandemic are hard for all of us. But we need to stay confident and safe by following some precautionary measures and beat this common foe of Covid-19 by uniting and showing our strongest sides against it. So by following this collective guideline given here the students of hostels, working professionals, or anyone can stay healthy, happy, and productive and still find a smile and spirit to fight with life and win back in panache.