As students from any walk of life, we all have surely loved the time that we spent in hostels with our friends and all the adventures and experiences that we had. We all did miss our homes, parents, the fun times but we cannot even undermine the hostel phase of life where we learned valuable lessons only to become abler and smarter. If we remember we all made plans sometime around the first or second year to revamp our hostel room which sadly never did materialize because of many reasons. Students don’t have complete control in a hostel room but they can sure make it presentable giving it a homely feel by decorating it in a proper and beautiful manner. Decor has a significant value and meaning if we talk about beautification, renovation, and updating any habitable place. To stylize your hostel room on a budget can be a difficult task but is even not impossible. These are some of the ideas and ways to transform your hostel room from a boring, mundane thing to a happening, exciting, and beautiful fun space which sure will get you a lot of appreciation and accolades. These DIY decoration tips are super effective, easy, and do wonders to your clumsy and bland space that require the least work at no cost.

DIY Decoration Tips for Hostel Room

1. Headboard

Headboard worthy creation which adds zing to our routine and bedroom and puts in a charm in. It really is useful to support your head while in a sitting position and adds beauty to the entire room.

Time required2 hrs.

Materials required-Plywood, Foam,2 yards of fabric, batting(full size), Cardboard upholstery strip.

Tools requiredDrill, Saw, Scissors, Screws, Staple gun.

Method-Cut the plywood in the desired shape and size. Predrill holes to secure the plywood with screws. Now cut the foam to a size 1” larger than the plywood back. Secure the battling to the plywood with adhesive spray(liquid glue). Attach the foam and smooth sides up. To remove seams in the foam apply an extra layer of battling to each side. Now cut the fabric to a size slightly larger than the battling. And sew it up neatly.

2. Confetti tray

We can make this colorful, beautiful tray and use it for any purpose found suitable. It is easy to make and requires no extra bucks from your pocket.

Time required30 mins.

Materials requiredMod Podge Dimensional Magic Glue, Confetti, Wooden tray, White acrylic paint and brush, Mod Podge glue, extra glitter.

MethodApply a generous amount of the regular Mod Podge(glue) to your wooden tray surface. Now pour in the confetti with some gold glitter. Pat the confetti evenly onto the tray and let it cool. Use it to put teacups or snacks in as a serving tray or just use it as a decoration piece.

3. Polka Dot Wall Stickers

polka dot wall stickersWe can make this craft to beautify any special place or room. It adds charm and interest to the entire room and gives the eyes a pleasant view. The polka dots add a specialty to any space and make it appear grand and eye-catching.

Time required20 mins.

Materials requiredMarble or colorful paper, glitter spray, gum, scissors, wooden board

MethodTake the marble paper and spray the glitter spray on it. Now cut it into any shape like round, diamond, square, triangle, or in any way that you want to with the help of scissors. Stick the cut shapes onto a wooden board or walls with the help of gum to get a customized and exclusive sticker wall which you can light too with the help of a led, lamp, or any other kind of lighting.

4. Polka Dot Vase

If you are not having a proper idea to keep your freshly plucked or even dried flowers or if you just don’t know what to put beside that beautiful ballerina then this DIY polka dot vase is just for you. It’s easy to make, mess, and cost-free and gets made in a jiffy.

Time required 5 mins.

Materials required-A jar, dot stickers

Method-To makes this jar I chose an old pickle jar and removed the original labeling. The dots are stickers that can be found at an office supply store. Just stick each of the sticker dots onto the jar. You can mix match the dots and change your design and style of making it. It is very easy to make, hassle-free, and a cheap way to get creative.

5. Wall Photo Mural

wall photo mural

A printable wall mural gives your room a larger feel without the extra cost of paint or wallpapers.

Time required30 mins.

Materials requiredComputer, Photo-editing program, High-resolution photo, Flash drive, Copy center with engineer-print capacity, Double-sided tape with removable adhesive.

MethodOpen photo in photo-editing program and make sure that the resolution is 300 pixels per inch. Add a vertical and horizontal guide at halfway point on both axes. Crop photo to a 4-by-3 ratio. Crop photo into four sections namely top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right.Once you have cropped resize each individual section to 36 by 48 inches. Save each section as a different file on a flash drive. Be sure to save it as a PDF file type. Now take the flash drive to a nearby copy center or office supply store that does engineer prints. You should print each file separately as one engineer print. It’s more cost-effective to have them printed in black and white. You can make it in color too. After printing trim the excess white space from the edge of the sheets. Leave enough space for overlap on adjoining pieces. Hang the photo using a lot of tapes and avoid seams.

6. Personal Picture Gallery

It is a very good concept, one which adds charm, beauty to a wall space and lets us remember the best moments via the pictures of olden times with our loved ones.

Time required1 hour.

Materials requiredWooden board, Pictures, Gum, Sequins, and glitter for side decoration.

Method-Take the wooden board and with the help of glue stick your favorite pictures onto it. Stick the sequins and glitters on the sides of the board. Let it cool. Alternately you can stick the pictures on the wall itself.

7. Metal wastebasket or a side table

If you are not permitted to bring in any extra furniture you can still handle the situation. You can spray paint a cheap wastebasket in your choicest color, flip it upside down and use it as a bedside table.

Time required15 mins.

Materials requiredOld or unused wastebasket, spray paint, decoration items like stickers, glue.

Method Take the wastebin which has been washed beforehand. Paint it with spray paint in the color of your choice. You can decorate it with sequins, stickers, or stars or with anything you want to use to make it presentable by sticking it with glue. Let it cool. And then turn it upside down to use it as a stool, side table, etc.


College life revolves around fun, freedom, learning, and friends. Though there is nothing like personal or secretive in between friends but the space of existence meaning the hostel room has to be proper having your personal touch and should reflect your taste, preferences in an effort to be your personal heaven. So you need to be selective about its decoration, care and give it the perfect touch of excellence through your creative and thoughtful ideas. These DIY tips are easy to do, do not take much of your precious time, are interesting and fun, and work precisely within your budget setup. So let’s give these hacks a try and enjoy the goodness of homely living with all its perks in a hostel room never having to bother about not being home. Because home is where the heart is, and the heart is right where it should be, in your perfect, handmade, colorful, cozy, beautiful, and unbelievable hostel room. You bet!!!