All around the world, men and women of all ages are taking the leap and starting over, looking to redefine their careers, rediscover their passions, and reinvent themselves. Moving to a new city is never easy. Even though it will be rocky at first, you’ll find your feet soon and be fine. It is crucial to make conscious choices, strategic investments, and deliberate habits that will help you navigate the challenges of the new city. Let us discuss today a handy guide of principles, strategies, and behaviors to successfully start over in a new city.

Perfect Guide on How to Start Over in a New City

  • Finding the Perfect Home

finding the perfect homeYou can conduct your house/hostel search online before moving and shortlist a few properties. That way you just need to verify its condition once you reach it. You may also talk to your office colleagues/friends/relatives to ascertain safe and friendly localities and housing complexes. Residents can tell you much more than what you would find online.

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  • Get a Room-mate

get a room mateIn case you are single and wish to share an apartment, getting a roommate is the closest and the best way to feel like living with a family. They are your support system and as the years pass, they become one of your closest friends, confidant, and family member. It is easy to find one in your work-place or your place of study. Having a roommate is very economical too; you can split the rent, the cost of living, and other expenses. On the other hand, if you choose to live at a luxury hostel-like Couch & Cheese in Pune, you can enjoy the solitude of your own room or a shared room in the premises of a community living. Such places do not require you to find a roommate yourself for shared accommodation.

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  • Food

foodInitially, food can be your major worry, especially when you are unpacking. It might cost you a fortune if you eat outside every day but cooking at home initially can be equally nerve-wracking. Also adjusting to a new city’s local cuisine can take a while.

  • Packing/Unpacking

packing and unpackingUnpacking is a mess. Try not to unpack everything in one go. Arrange the boxes with stuff you need for everyday usage in an accessible way. For the rest, take an hour per day to unpack methodically. Do not rush; relax, even if you are a clean freak with OCD.

  • Transport Concerns

transportationIn a new city, you need to figure out a new transportation network that you’re completely unfamiliar with. Major cities are very crowded and have perennial traffic issues. You have to figure out the mode of transport you would use to reach your office or college. It is advisable to do a practice run before your first day; this would save you a lot of stress and anger on that all-important first day on the job/college. These days life with mobile apps is easy; you may hire cabs and even auto-rickshaws using apps: OLA, MERU, UBER, etc.

  • The Locals help you best

The locals you know would help you to settle down easily. From finding apartments, cheap places to eat, best hangout spots to even maids or domestic help, they can guide you with cheaper ways to sustain in a new city.

  • Coping with Local Language & Culture

In India, each state has its own spark in terms of tradition, culture, and belief, the same goes for a different country. Language is the biggest barrier. It might take a while to understand and fit in, and also to adjust to the new city weather.

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  • Accessibility

No one but your neighbors will tell you best about the Internet/Mobile Service providers offering quality services in the locality. Changing your roaming SIM card into local without changing your number has become a breeze, thanks to number portability. You would also need to get your address changed for your bank and other bills. Try updating online or over the phone, wherever possible.

  • Making New Friends

making new friendsTake the time to socialize with the people you meet at work as well as your neighbors. The sooner you start connecting with local people the sooner you will start to feel like this new city is truly your home.

The above said will surely guide you to navigate the challenges of a new city. You have to give yourself time to settle down, physically and emotionally. Whenever you feel homesick, remind yourself of your purpose, goals, and ambitions in life that have landed you in the city. Keep your spirits high and brave the changes!