We all like to spend time with our friends, be it current ones or those whom we meet after a long time. And sometimes we don’t choose our homes as the venues for the same. If we think about a cool hangout zone to meet and treat our friends and acquaintances in a rocking way the one thing that comes to our minds is a cafe. A cafe for students can be our home or next to it because it can make us feel comfortable and cool. A cafe is a place where one can find a thing of interest and feel good. There may be many cafes near our areas if we were to go by generalized suggestions for the best affordable cafes in Pune. But it may not be so easy to decide on really the best one which serves the cuppa of perfection coffee along with the cheesiest of sandwiches. For which we may need trustworthy reviews from friends, acquaintances, roommates or their friends in return.

The best affordable cafes in Pune for the young generation and hostel students to experience and have a good time are:-

German Bakery, Koregaon park

It is the second oldest German Bakery in India which had to face a setback with a bombing in 2010 and also one of the best affordable cafes in Pune. It serves the best pastas, espressos, americanos, bun muskas and a lot more. And unlike their name there’s nothing too German about it.

Affordable cafes in Pune

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Pagdandi, Books Chai Cafe, Baner

This cafe has a great collection of books, great flavors of tea and the combination of both of them just feels so right and relaxing. They specialize in kulhad tea and bun maskas for a lighter evening snack combined with your favorite read.

Affordable cafes in Pune

Zen Cafe, Koregaon park

This place has a super cool vibe, is really calm and better known for it’s unique coffee blends from a latte macchiato to a lungo, affogato to ginger turmeric espresso tonic. One can choose a light snack from their Italian menu card to suit a cup of super coffee. The goodies are very cheap and affordable. The place sticks to the zen philosophy which is all about being at peace and relaxing out.

Affordable cafes in Pune

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One O Eight Cafe, Koregaon park

It is a cafe which serves healthy yet delicious food. So if you are a foodie by heart but want to stay calorie-conscious too at the same time then this cafe is the right pick for you. It serves the best smoothies, acai bowls in the city. The best of their products include cacao berry bowls, dragon smoothie bowls, pink passion acai bowls and granola bowls.

Affordable cafes in Pune

11 East Street Cafe Camp

It is a cafe in the center of the city and is accessible from all corners of the city. It has a beautiful frontage with a double-decker bus at the entrance to add in to the decor and ambience. The place has a chilled out vibe with live music and is a great hangout for the young crowd. this cafe gives out a 10% discount to anyone who brings along a pet with a treat for the little friend.


Affordable cafes in Pune


Pune is known for not one but several reasons. It is an upcoming IT hub of India and has been ranked as the most livable city of India. And it has a lot of diversity as is seen in places, lifestyles, geography and more. The city is appropriate for the young generation to stay in as it has the best educational standards in India, student accommodation in Pune, combined with parks, cafes and places closer to nature. So if you love to relax having your own cozy corner with a steaming cup of cappuccino and a novel or if you like to catch up with old friends over piping hot tea and some yummy snacks then Pune is the right spot for you as it speaks of a handful of cafes to interest you. The food and hospitality aspect too is very proper here and it is a real gem in the crown of India with a glorious past and a wonderful blend of the ancient and the modern to suit people of all ages and classes. So if you plan to travel to Pune don’t miss out on the cafes mentioned above to have an experience to cherish and just vibe in.