Students have many problems to take care of starting from choosing the stream of subjects, applying for advanced studies, figuring out the student accommodation aspect and taking care of other nitty gritties of student life. When you complete your higher studies the first thing that takes your attention is the place where you will stay or in short you focus on the selection of the right hostel and student rooms for you. To shortlist the perfect one is also a task which needs to be completed. And when you find the right one the next point to take note of is the choice of finding the perfect student room to stay in pune which has it’s share of details to look into.

Some of the points to take care of while choosing the right student rooms in Pune are:-


An important factor to take note of is the location of the student room. You need to find the right student rooms in Pune which are suitably located from your university campus or which are rightfully located near a shopping mall. Then you also need to find a proper neighborhood which is apt for your student regime and routine. It’s better to choose a student neighborhood to find all student-related amenities like coffee shops, fast food joints, bookstores and laundry services and to make new friends of your age and tastes.


student rooms in pune


Budget friendly

The one other important factor to consider while choosing a proper student room is your budget. It is always a better option to find a budget-friendly place which will fulfill all other requirements too rather than paying a hefty price for the same benefits which is unaffordable for many.


student rooms in pune

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Type of rooms

A student rooms in pune can be a simple or luxury room which is of four types namely single room, en-suite room, shared room(twin, triple and quadruple room) and studios. A single room is in a shared flat which has a bed and study area while the bathroom, kitchen and living space can be shared between 2-8 more students. An en-suite room also comes in a shared flat and has a private bathroom with a shared living space and kitchen. The shared rooms are like single rooms but the difference is that it is shared with another student who stays with you. This kind of room would include two beds, two wardrobes with two individualized spaces for study. The studio kind of rooms are into themselves which means they are more private having their own bathroom and kitchen areas where you only share the communal area of the house with other mates. To decide the kind of room which will suit you the best you have to analyze your personality and choices along with your lifestyle. If you are a social person who enjoys being people-centric then taking a single room or an en-suite will be good for you. In that case you will have like-minded friends to talk to and share personal experiences to make lifelong bonds. But if you are a private person then you can go for the self-contained studios.


student rooms in Pune


The provision of amenities

When choosing the perfect student rooms in Pune you also have to take care of the available facilities angle. So one should go for the accommodation that offers all-inclusive bills because it means that the total rent fee will include water, electricity, gas and internet. Some places may offer some additional facilities which would come with extra money like parking, laundry facility, separate study area, game room, cinema room, outdoor lounges and more. Some places also offer on-site gyms to add a bit of sparkle to their provisions and thus attract students.

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The student arrival pack facility

Some of the student accommodations may offer their residents some privilege packs like bedding packs, kitchen packs, bathroom packs and cleaning packs. So it is advisable to ask whether these provisions are for free or whether they come with an extra charge. Some places give an all-in-one pack to make the transfer easier for students and it is handy too being in a budgeted ratio.


student rooms in pune

The life of students can be kept in balance when they can focus on the study aspect while taking care of other details of their life like where to stay, what budget to follow and how to keep an updated and smart regime in life without stress. It means it will be a great relief if the issue of finding the perfect student room in a budget and with amicable qualities is solved. Couch n cheese homestel is one such luxurious accommodation in Pune which is a budget friendly place and caters to the needs of students from every strata of life. It gives all the basic amenities taking care of the comfort and wellbeing of students who deserve the best always.