After the completion of college or when a student has to move away from his home due to advanced studies he may get stuck in a dilemma regarding the finding of a place to stay. When he has already crashed at his friends for a long time he wants to move out and know what place would be good for him which will give him a carefree night’s sleep. Some students can’t decide what would be best suited to his/her requirements as they keep busy studying or are too lazy to do so. So this is a list of pointers describing the difference between living in a hostel and a flat.

The advantages of living in a hostel over living in a flat are:-

living in a hostel


  • The money factor -The rent that one has to give living in a hostel is comparatively lower than what it is for a flat. The flat rates may be kept higher for a profit-motive but if one is looking for a place in a budgeted estimate then hostels are the best option to go for.
  • A complete utility package – A hostel generally has all the daily required provisions and utilities available at one place like the laundry, cleaning, meal and common room services. You may not be charged extra for these services or the charges may be not too high which can’t be paid for. On the contrary these services may not be readily available in a flat or they may have to be arranged for having sky-high prices causing you trouble.
  • A better fun and social environment – Being a place filled with students, a hostel boasts of a good community and social environment. In a hostel students from anywhere can interact, bond, learn and have fun together and one may never feel lonely or depressed. So it is healthier too to stay in a hostel.

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  • Socially viable yet private too – Nowadays with the trend of affordable luxury hostels students are opting for hostel living as they are comfy, well-designed, maintained, socially viable yet giving privacy too as required. So living in a hostel is appearing an assured bet in many ways.
  • No extra charges for extra amenities -These new-age hostels not only cater to students but also working professionals as they provide private rooms, round-the-clock high Wi-Fi and every amenity one can ask for at reduced or affordable prices. So there are many hostels for working professionals too which are even better than homes giving the best experience altogether.

Advantages of living in a flat over living in a hostel are-


living in a hostel


  • Privacy issue -The biggest advantage of renting a flat is that it is hundred percent private. It is good for the people who love privacy or who are not very social.
  • Locational advantage – A flat is available in any area of a city unlike hostels which are generally present in select areas generally near the hustle-bustle of a city where the business of life is on a high. On the other hand flats are generally situated in remote or calmer areas away from noise and the messing up. So the flats provide a greater choice option than hostels.
  • Socializing issue – You can host a party or have a get together of friends and family in a flat. But while most of the hostels allow visitors, there can be a problem for parties or stay-overs in a hostel as it may be against the rules of the same.

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 So we see that there are some advantages and disadvantages to living in a hostel and flat. One may be lucky to get every of his requirements fulfilled in a flat but generally living in a hostel is a better option to try out for the students on a budget who have a margin to take care of for everything. One of the best luxury hostels in Pune to check out is the Couch n Cheese homestel. It is an affordable hostel in Pune and provides everything you may need to call a hostel your home with satisfaction. It is good as a luxury hostel and great as a complete homely package too which will make you love it for everything it has to offer. So if you have to look up a place to stay in Pune then you should not miss out on Couch n Cheese because it is a one-stop solution for all of the student’s needs and well it always is there to please.