Most of the students go to different cities for studies without any clue on how to go about their college admission process and getting safe accommodation. This is surely a tough task for them. All the colleges have their own hostel and it is difficult for parents to either go for renting an apartment or a hostel for their ward. The best part of college life is the hostel. You might observe, most of the students may not remember or miss their college days but they surely miss their hostel life. In most metropolitan cities, students coming from other towns either go for living in a hostel or living in a rental apartment. In these cities, renting an apartment or booking a king-size luxury room in a hostel, all this process is not an easy task for a newcomer and might face hurdles due to lack of information. You have to be smart enough to take your decisions wisely for a safe and better life in the city.

Advantages of Living in a Hostel Vs Renting a Flat

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  • The fees for living in a hostel are cheaper as compared to renting your own flat. The rents are way too heavy on your pockets that become difficult to bear all the expenses. If you are the one who is looking for an economical and cost-effective option then, a hostel is the best option for you.
  • Most of the hostel has all facilities in places like laundry, food meal section, common rooms, and many more. This makes life easier as students don’t have to go out in search of fulfilling their basic necessities. But when you rent a flat, you have to go out and search for all their facilities that are surely going to be a tough task for a person who is new to the city.
  • The social environment is great in the hostel. Students from all parts come together and share a bond, live together, and develop lifelong friendships. You will surely learn different cultures and traditions from your roommates belonging to different cities.
  • Most of the hostels are on the college campus itself, hence there is no traveling issue. If you are renting a flat, there can be a transport concern depending on the location of your apartment.

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Advantages of Living in a Flat Vs Living in a Hostel

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  • Complete privacy is the biggest advantage of renting a flat that is way too expensive. This is the best option for those who are introverts and do not like much interaction with other people.
  • You can rent a flat in any area you wish for but hostels are located in few areas of the city. There are many options available for renting a flat in any neighborhood, so you have many choices.
  • While you rent a flat, you can call your family and friends over your flat whenever you wish. Most of the flat owners do not have any problem on get together and social gatherings. In the hostel, there are visitors and have a time limit to meet. There can be an issue with their stay for a few days or weeks. While a flat offer the luxury to call your guests without any restrictions.
  • In a rented apartment, you can learn to cook your own food and have your favorite meals or go out anytime and eat whatever you wish for. In a hostel, you have to eat the typical mess food with no other options.

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Looking for a student hostel in Pune, Chennai, Delhi or Mumbai is not a tough job now. Check for all the pros and cons before selecting a hostel or renting a flat and decide the best one. Boys and girls hostel follow the same management, rules, and regulations criteria. Check which one suits your requirement and accordingly go for it.