Education is expensive these days. Courses are dear and so are the living costs when you pursue one. It is tough to manage money let alone money-savings. A city like Pune is a bit expensive for college students. However, there are some simple ways students can spend less, save more, while still having a great life. Let us look at 7 different tips on how a student may save money in a slightly expensive city like Pune.

Tips to Save Money as a College Student

1. Prepare a Budget

prepare a budgetPreparing a budget includes making purchases and living within your means, along with some savings. This means cutting down on your shopping when not required, eat out less. Basically, limit your expenses; what gets measured gets managed. If you keep track of your purchases you’ll automatically start saving money.

2. Buy & Sell; Exchange

But what is required; the list includes clothes, books, gadgets and stationery supplies, and other miscellaneous items. Sell or exchange anything which is not required. Don’t hoard stuff.

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3. Use Public Transport

use public transportHaving a vehicle to move around while you are studying is a costly affair. Consider the upfront cost, insurance, parking, maintenance, and fuel. Also owning a vehicle means more friends who latch on to you for free rides. Using public / cheaper transport options can help you save you a lot. Use shared transport services like Uber and Ola when you need to make a one-way trip.

4. Prepare Meals

Buying meals is expensive, no matter how easy and convenient it may seem. Preparing your own meals is the best way to save money.

5. Check for Discounts

check for discountsCheck out for any discounts available exclusively for students. Students can save on travel, movies, food, software, and retail if they know where to look.

6. Do not make Unnecessary Subscriptions

While budgeting, you must ensure that there aren’t any unnecessary subscriptions: on mobile apps, digital TV, newspaper (if you don’t have the time to read them. Consider whether there are free or cheaper alternatives: instead of a gym membership, join a sports team; you may even try to walk to your college.

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7. Restrict your Social Outings

Pick social activities that cost you less; there are cheaper ways to have fun. For instance, instead of going out to a restaurant, you may have a picnic in the park/gardens? Watch a few movies on Netflix at your place with your friends rather than going to watch movies in theatres with friends.

So that was about how you may save money as a college student. However, there is a certain way you have lived your life and you wish to stay with the same set of comforts and lifestyle even when you are studying in a different town/city. The traditional hostels are crowded, with minimal amenities, and offer not-so-good options for food. So if you’re looking for a student hostel in Pune that offers you luxurious amenities and is reasonably priced, Couch & Cheese will fit the bill perfectly.

Couch & Cheese is the ‘homestel’ for those who are looking at staying in an environment that reminds you of the comforts & privacy of your home. It offers you all the luxuries of a hotel, manned security, clean and hygienic rooms. There are 5 exciting C&C zones to entertain you when you wish to take a break from your studies.

Couch & Cheese has reinvented the concept of student hostel and can be rightly called the best hostel in Pune for students. It offers some premium services like a 24*7 cafe lounge, hangout zones, cyber zone, swimming pool, 5-star accommodation, the scope for art & recreational activities, fitness studio, conference room, indoor games, and a book studio.

You may avail of free shuttle service within 2 km; there are housekeeping & laundry facilities and a doctor is available on call whenever you require. For your safety, there are CCTV cameras installed along with manned security. For the evenings, you may enjoy the rooftop lounge.

The above-said tips would surely help you save money when in college. However, many of you would not compromise on your living standards. Regular hostels do not have much to offer; they generally provide you with basics to live. So save your money where you can but live like how you have lived all your life. Check out Couch & Cheese for that luxurious home-like feeling!