You must be a happy being after seeing your result status and good marks courtesy the effort you put in to get them. But then you have to solve the problem of finding a suitable student accommodation in Pune to stay in. Sometimes if you are lucky the university authorities do solve your problem and you get good accommodation on-campus. But sometimes you may not do so. Then you should keep calm, stay composed and work out through the problem with focus and following the given guidelines and you are sure to find a great find of a budget stay in Pune.

1. Stay put and keep up the search spirit 

you may feel to be fixed in a kind of predicament when there is the worry of finding a proper student accommodation in Pune. But burdening yourself with tensions and pressures will not help you in finding your find any easier or better. So the first thing to do is stay cool and calm, not fret at all. Focus on your needs, keep your head up and show good patience in searching for your requirements. Don’t get carried away in frustration and stay put to find a great hostel for students which is really what you would have wanted.

2. Get familiar with your new city and look around

You need to know the new city you are in and get familiar with it as soon as you can whether virtually or by the old-school way paving your way in and out through the nooks and crannies of your new home. To find the best student hostel you need to look into many aspects. First among them is the location factor. You need to know whether the location of the hostel is feasible for you with that of the college so that there is not a large distance between the two to facilitate early or late-night classes. Or maybe you need to stay close to the city center and enjoy the perks of bustling nightlife.

Maybe you are a foodie and would love to try out the best cuisine-serving restaurants and for that you wish to stay in the vicinity of them. Or it may just be that you are a nature lover and so would prefer to stay close to areas having parks and other such calm places away from the crazy hustle-bustle of the city. If you are searching from your hometown itself then a good idea would be to follow local influencers and hashtags on Instagram or go through YouTube videos which give detailed information about the city you want to move to along with subject specific information to you about the best stay hostels in the city.

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3. The budget factor

We all know that in today’s fast paced life and economy student accommodation in Pune is also a pricey phenomenon. In that case you need to have a basic, realistic budget so that you don’t end up falling for a place which is unaffordable to you. When making a budget plan the primary thing to do is to consider expenses like school supply expenses, health insurance expenses, visas, tuition fees, travel expenses, auxiliary expenses and other miscellaneous ones and then make a wise decision about your final choice.

4. Research in, Research out

You need to surely complete your research when trying  to get your last-minute accommodation even if you are under a time crunch phenomenon. You should dig deeper on the internet and not just sift through the first couple of results you find on google while browsing. You should check out every possible option and prioritize this extensiveness in searching for the accommodation of your dreams. You need to beware of student housing scams and other such controversial sites and people which are prevalent nowadays all over the world. You should refrain from putting in time and money for finding accommodation through mediums like online ads and fake middlemen.

5. Let satisfaction have it’s due place

You may have had a certain idea or vision of your student accommodation and how it should be but if you are stuck in a last-minute situation you may need to compromise in your choices and try to fit in as it is which means you should not be rigid in choosing something a bit substandard according to your set level. Flexibility is a needed important factor here to be followed and patience can also be useful to the situation.

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6. Be fast to act and decide

You cannot afford to have hesitation on your plate in this situation and the skill of quick decision-making has to be taken into account when searching for the right hostel. You need to select and decide fast before the deal is snatched by your roommate or friend as you were not fast enough to take immediate action. So you need to have complete knowledge of your requirements, stay cool and be a quickie to decide the best option for you on your own.


So when you have cleared the university and the new term would start soon, you have the worry of finding the right student accommodation but then you should also realize that it is after all a not so difficult thing to worry about. By following the above given tips you can surely get past the worry phase and maybe get even a better accommodation than your expectations. But for that you should do the needful which includes keeping your nerves cool, managing time, gathering all important information, possessing good people skills and finally being a quick decision-maker. The Couch and Cheese homestel provides one of the best luxury accommodations in Pune which may be perfect for you too. So just stay comfortable, come what may and make use of this tips guide to fulfill your requirements of finding the best stay hostel In Pune.