Happiness is a prime necessity for any living being to survive well and in a satisfied manner. And something can try to take that necessity away from you easily like having to leave home and prepare for hostel life. Living away from your family can sometimes make you sad and homesick. You may remember your family, the good moments you had with them and you may miss all of that however hard you try to divert your mind. So we have compiled some ways to help keep you motivated, healthy and happy in a hostel:

Tips for Staying Happy, Healthy & Motivated in a Hostel

1. Try and make your room cozy and comfy

try and make your room cozy and comfyTo stop yourself from feeling homesick, you can bring your favorite soft toy or any ‘precious-to-you-possession’ from home which can help you feel good and revive fond memories. This method is good if you are shifting for the first time because feeling connected with the things you love and adore helps you deal with homesickness.

2. Try to familiarize

You can try to explore your new surroundings and environment by taking a walk or going on an exploration. It will help you acclimatize to new surroundings and make you feel more at home. It will also give you an opportunity to bond with new people.

3. Ask for help

At times you find yourself in an unfamiliar environment with new people, new routines, and schedules. Then it’s important to ask for help from others regarding the course or accommodation issues. If for any reason you are feeling homesick then worrying about your studies or finances can only contribute to making things worse. And at such time it’s best to sort the issues one by one and get the required support.

4. Taking care of self-health

You should try to eat healthily and exercise regularly to stay happy and motivated. It will help you to stay healthy and spirited both mentally and physically. By having a healthier setup, you can stay more positive about life and do things in a better, productive way along with being more popular among people and make friends easily.

5. Give space and time to a chosen hobby

You surely need to focus on academic and social commitments but then to blow off the steam or feel good you need to have a time period demarcated as ‘me time’ in which you give space and attention to your loved hobbies and activities which make you feel happy and good and ultimately bring out your best caliber to excel in your endeavors. Any person can work and feel the best only if he has a positive attitude and can manage the pressure of life in an easy way.

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6. Home-made food does the trick

healthy food

You can get home-cooked food whenever you visit home or any relative’s place or you can just choose a home-cooked tiffin system where you get good quality, nutritious food. We are most familiar with the fact that the food of hostel messes sucks real big time. And eating home-cooked meals makes you feel up, spirited, and gives you the energy to do things the right way, the whole day. It’s also a way to feel happy, healthy, and motivated and enjoy hostel life.

7. Sharing is caring

If you accept the fact that it’s okay to share your stuff with others it will help you destress and detox and make you popular among friends and acquaintances earning you good names too. It is also a good tip to survive hostel life well.

8. Do the hangout thing weekly

hangout thing weekly

It is very important to get along with your hostel mates as you will have to spend a good amount of time with your rookies from the moment you enter hostel life. So it’s required of you to make plans or do some activity at least once a week together with them. It could be just playing some indoor or outdoor game, watching a movie, or going out on a picnic or gettogether.

9. Have a friendly outlook

You should be friendly with the hostel staff like guards, warden or cook because they are the ones who will give you the most perks during your hostel life, be it an extra helping of your favorite food or late-night entry to stay aways for the weekend. You should be sweet and strike up small talk with them and please them completely.

10. Be updated on the entertainment count

You should have updated knowledge about some of the trending entertainment shows, soaps, and your favorite programs. It will give you a chance to strike life-changing conversations and make future binge-buddies.

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11. Engage in basic chores

engage in basic chores

You can find fun in doing your basic chores like washing clothes and dishes, cleaning up the room, and making some craft or painting that reminds you of your home and good times again.

12. Be active and creative

To stop feeling unhappy and spiritless you don’t need to confine yourself to the hostel and its inhabitants. You should take part in college activities. It will keep you occupied and introduce you to new people and make your time get productive giving you better ideas enriching you with worldly wisdom. You can enjoy organizing day trips, a study in a library, get a part-time job or try out some extracurricular activities.

13. Stay away from peer pressure

You should part ways from a pressurizing friend who forces you to do something you don’t want to do. You need to keep your eyes and mind open to the happenings around you. This way you can enjoy your time well in a hostel feeling motivated every moment to achieve your aims or targets.

14. Try to exercise and do some dancing

try to exercise

You can benefit if you are feeling homesick by doing some physical activity and dancing to divert your mind and channelize your energy towards a positive approach and goal. It will not only make you feel happier but will also make you fit and ready for action. It will make you healthier and ready to accept worldly challenges as easily as you can giving the best deliverables.


It is not uncommon to feel sad, gloomy, and homesick when you have to stay in a hostel for the first time. Hostel life may seem scary for freshers but on the whole, it’s the best fun time you can ever have in your life as these are building blocks of your personality, career, and destiny. But you can still stay happy, healthy, and motivated to carry on your regular daily routines by following the above-given tips and balance your new lives with smartness and ease. Nothing is impossible if there is a will and you should not get stuck in a dark situation, unspirited and unarmed but try to find out solutions for the same which are surely there somewhere. So try these tips to stay happy and motivated in a hostel or anywhere away from home and feel good always to make it big and be on the zenith. Because the sky is waiting for you to shine, the brightest!!!