Hostels are no more about messy dormitory rooms crammed with bunk beds with inmates queuing up for the shared bathroom. Many premium hostels provide you with the most luxurious amenities just like the hotel. These are luxury rooms for the working male & females and even boys and girls looking at a luxurious stay place while studying or working.

Boutique/luxury hostels offer most of the usual comforts of a hotel, along with some bonuses that many hotels lack: character, personality, and a social environment. In the last few years, the regular hostels have begun to offer hotel-like services and amenities. Let us read through a few pointers that suggest why a hostel accommodation is better than a hotel.

Top 5 Reasons Why a Hostel is Better than a Hotel

choose hostel over hotel
1. Affordable Prices

One of the main arguments is the price. Yes! hostels are way cheaper than hotels. While a luxury hostel may offer you most of the amenities of a hotel, but these will be reasonably priced. With luxury rooms in single or double occupancy, you get rid of the shabby, smelly dormitory of a regular hostel. You get your private bathroom for more privacy. Not just the room-rent, the cost of services offered in a hotel are very dear too.

To cut costs, hostels forgo many of the usual room amenities that non-business travellers like students rarely use anyway. You would probably not find luxuries such as coffee makers, or hairdryers. These luxury homes are a fraction of the cost of hotels. These days, you don’t need to sacrifice luxury for your budget, and that certainly goes for hostels. Some of the nicest hostels cost less than even a cheap motel.

2. Amenities

c and c amenitiesA Free Wi-Fi facility is something that every student looks at while looking for a stay place. Most luxury hostels offer you everything you need- laundry, separate dining spaces, lounges, doctor on call, housekeeping and so on. These luxurious hostels also host events for their inmates.

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3. You are Not Alone

c and c living room

Between social hours and educational events, hostels provide the perfect atmosphere for community living. You will never find yourself bored or alone unless you want to. The second you walk into a hostel, you are greeted by its inmates. A hostel is a breeding ground for new friendships and adventure partners, whether you’d prefer to form a small group or just find a buddy.

It’s easy to feel homesick if you’re in a foreign country, especially if you aren’t hearing your native language or around anything that reminds you of home. There is absolutely no chance that you get homesick. Due to the atmosphere and the mood, a hostel is able to become your home away from home easily.

4. Foster Friendships

Hostels are full of people just like you. Not only will you meet people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities, you will also find common ground in your interests.

Who knows, you could meet your next travel buddy over a game of beer pong, or spark a new romance with your salsa lesson dance partner.

Due to the fact that you easily become friends with the stuff and that their friends are hanging out often at the hostel chances are high to get in touch with the locals very easily and quickly. You may even discover friends for life-people with the same interests and opinions!

5. Hostel employees wear many hats

c and c employees

The hostel staff generally multi-tasks; you could see them as concierges, mums, guides, caretakers, cleaners and even chefs all rolled into one!

So, if you are looking at a luxurious stay in Pune, come home to Couch & Cheese homestel, one of the best luxury hostels in Pune for students and working professionals. Couch & Cheese offers a really unique and special experience; for less the cost of a hotel room, you get to enjoy privacy along with the benefits of staying in a hostel.

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Why Couch and Cheese?

couch and cheese homestel

There are a few common misconceptions about hostels–they’re dirty, grungy and cheap. Couch & Cheese will wash out all your misconceptions regarding hostels. C & C homestel is located in the posh locality of Koregaon Park and offers you luxury rooms with exotic amenities. This homestel offers spaces for people from all backgrounds. So from students to working professionals, you would find everyone around. The various room categories offered include the following

So, for fellows looking at a lavish and royal stay alone, you may book a single occupancy room. At C & C, all the rooms are fully air-conditioned. They offer a host of exotic amenities like a hotel. While there are routine amenities like a swimming pool and a fitness centre, C&C also offers 5 chill-out zones, a food court, a tech centre, a 24-hour cafe, indoor games, a library, an art & entertainment zones and a conference room.

All in all C & C offers services and amenities for both students and working professionals. The facilities are nominally priced too. Apart from these services, the team at C & C organizes workshops and creative sessions for its inmates regularly. Just like hotels, the team at C & C takes care of all your needs-housekeeping, laundry, food, and security. Additionally, there is even a doctor-on-call facility C & C is particularly a great option for working women and ladies given the security it provides. Since hostels have better occupancy than hotels, there is safety in numbers.


In these modern times, hostels offer hotel-like facilities that are reasonably priced. Hostel common areas encourage more lingering and socializing than hotel lobbies tend to do. So, if in Pune, book your room at Chalk & Cheese and enjoy your stay.